About Manchester

Welcome to Manchester

Manchester is an ambitious city and one that has paved the way with a wealth of innovations and ideas. From the city that split the atom and created the first programmable computer, to introducing the first professional football league, Manchester is known as a city of firsts.

It has also undergone a series of transformations, from industrial heartland to the vibrant and exciting conurbation it is today, which is something that can be seen from the consistent development and investment into venues and the city’s transport infrastructure.

Manchester is ranked as a leading conference destination for planners and delegates alike. It has an enviable track record of delivering incredible events in which conference organisers are reaping the rewards from continuous investment and development.

The birthplace of the industrial revolution, Manchester is now one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the UK, yet it retains its own unique character. Set in a region that offers great value for money, Manchester welcomes visitors with its fine traditions of culture, music, sport and top class events. Its vitality is expressed through its fascinating history, interactive attractions, magnificent architecture and most of all, the spirit of its people.


Places to Visit in Manchester

The map below shows some of the interesting locations around the city centre that have a free entrance. Most of these locations can be accessed via the free metroshuttle service that starts from the Manchester Piccadilly railway station. Timetable and the routes of the free metroshuttle can be downloaded here.
A detailed brochure about many of the interesting places to visit around Manchester can be downloaded here.
Please click here if you want to plan your journey in Manchester using the journey planner. More details about Manchester can be found in: www.visitmanchester.com